Any Doctor Who fans here? I just recently started watching the show, and thus far I really enjoy it. I’m currently in the beginning of the third season and I have to say *SPOILER ALERT* what happened to Rose and the Doctor at the end of the second season was plain cruelty. No, not to them, to us fangirls watching. =P TV shows don’t usually make me cry, but that ending did. I cried a lot harder than I normally do for any movie or book!

Anyway, here’s a short poem I wrote about Rose. Note: I really don’t like writing poetry and are usually pretty bad at it. Buuuuuuut, this poem is about Rose Tyler and the Tenth Doctor. So I actually kinda like it. =D

She was a flowing flower

(you are my sunshine)

A godly gift from Earth.

(my only sunshine)

She was an angel

(you make me happy)

My beautiful best friend.

(when skies are gray)

She was a brilliant butterfly

(you’ll never know dear)

My insistent inspiration.

(how much I love you)

She was my Rose

(oh please don’t take)

My one and only Rose

(my sunshine away)

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