I Am Different. – Chapter one

This is a random idea that I had. It may turn into a short story, a book, or just fizzle out and not become anything. Enjoy!

Day 1

I am different. Not just the sort of everyday different that makes no person exactly like another, but really different. Crazy different even. There have been others who were different. But none that were different like me. The ones that are different now, they haven’t shown themselves. Just like I don’t intend to show myself. But someone has to know, or I’ll go crazy. Even if this is just a journal, a book, it’ll help keep me sane. You wanna know what makes me different? What makes me special? Well, I’ll tell you. But first, let me tell you about the others who have been different.

You’ve probably already figured out that by different, I mean I have powers. And the others who were different? They were superheroes. Hundreds and hundreds of years ago. Kid Flash, Super Boy, Nightwing, M’gann, Artemis. And the ones that weren’t superheroes were villains. But after a couple hundred years, the villains got bored of being caught again and again by the superheroes, so they stopped trying. When the villains stopped their villainy, all the sudden there wasn’t anything for the superheroes to do. So they too fizzed out. Hundreds of years later, my time, there still is very very little crime. And the new different people? They blend, because they know there is no point to them showing themselves. Just like me. But their is another reason I haven’t shown my differences. I’ll explain that later too. For now, let me tell you about the powers those superheroes had.

Kid Flash was fast. He could run faster than any car or airplane, even now. Super Boy was strong. Almost as strong as Superman, the guy he was cloned after. Nightwing, formerly known as Robin, didn’t really have powers. He was just a genius with a bunch of technology that helped him fight. M’gann was a martian. She could fly, had telepathy, and could control organic things with her mind. I’ve never understood what it was. Artemis was an archer. Good one too.

That’s not all of them, but its enough. Enough to give you an idea of what other people were like. Now I can tell you what I’m like. I’m an elemental. I can control every element that has ever existed. But its a gift and a curse. I know peoples thoughts, I participate in their feelings because I can control them. Its a horrible feeling to know everywhere everyone had been and done. So I hide. In plain sight, but still I hide. No one knows about my powers, not even my parents. My parents are normal people. How I ended up an elemental with such boring parents, I’ll never know.

You might be wondering what I do with my powers. I can control any substance after all. I would like to say I use them for good purposes daily. But I can’t. I told you earlier that crime was almost non-exsistent, and I told you the truth. I can’t become a superhero for that reason anyway. I just them in private sometimes, like when I spill my soda all over my floor and I wanna clean it up without going through too much trouble. I just pull it out of the carpet and put it back in the can. Other than that, I don’t really use it.

I guess I’ll tell you what other people see of me now. My name is Elalia Arkensilven. Its a weird name, I know. I am 15 years old, and I’ll be 16 in just 5 months. I’ve got long black hair, down to my waist. Its a pain to take care of, but so worth. Anyway, I have green emerald eyes, am 5’9, and I have light tanned skin. And if you really need to know, I have freckles. Other than that, there’s not much else I can say. Tomorrow I’ll let you know what my life is like. Elalia, out.


So yeah. That’s it. Hope you liked it, even if it was really short. Idk what I will do with it, but I was stuck on my other stories, so I had to write something new, just to refresh my brain. Emilee, out. =P

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