Loki Fanfic Chapter #3

Okay, I lied. This is a rather short chapter, and its not from Kira’s point of view. I figured a little more information about the Avengers and Loki would be nice, so this chapter is from both of their perspectives. I dont wanna give it away, so I’ll I’m going to say, is that the next chapter will be from Kira’s perspective with Loki involved. *grins evilly* =D

Chapter Three

Stark leapt into the air after Kira, but Thor’s commanding voice stopped him.

“No. Let her go.”

Stark turned back to him, “What? We need to know if she is a threat.”

“She’s not.” Thor replied calmly.

“How do you know that?” Stark demanded.

Thor gazed at the melting ice that Kira had left behind and said quietly, “Because I know who she is.”

The others arrived with them then. “Where did she go?” Widow asked.

Thor shook his head, “Kira is not a threat to any of us. She’s waiting for her father to return.”

“Who’s her father?” Clint returned.


The Avengers stared at him in shock. Steve was the first to recover, “What?”

“Not long after Loki and I returned to Asgard, Sigyn, a good friend of ours, approached Odin with a request concerning Loki. She asked that he be released into house arrest with her. Odin agreed. Three peaceable years passed. Loki followed the restrictions placed upon him without complaint. But then he disappeared without a trace. Sigyn was heartbroken. We all believed him to have run, waiting to plan his next move. But now, I’m doubting that. Kira was born a few months later. Loki doesn’t know of her. Sigyn decided it would be safer for Kira on earth then on Asqard, since she didn’t want Kira to have any of Loki’s ideas about earth or us. But Kira never arrived. I assumed that Sigyn had changed her mind and kept Kira. But Kira shows up now, on the streets. Something must of happened.” Thor sighed at the end of his long explanation.

Stark crossed his arms, “You’re telling me that the wanna-be god that we defeated 18 years ago had a kid and she’s waiting for him to return so they can try again together?”

Thor shrugged, “I don’t know what’s she planning, but I do know that Loki is the one she is waiting for.”

Widow nodded slowly, “But she isn’t a threat, as long as Loki is out of the picture, right?”

“Yes. But we don’t know where Loki is. No one has had any connections with him in 15 years.” Thor paused, “Kira said something about the Chitauri capturing him.”

“The Chitauri? The monsters that allied themselves with Loki? You’re telling me the battle of New York could hypothetically happen all over again?” Bruce questioned.



Pain streaked through Loki’s body with every movement, but when he looked up, a smile crossed his face. Midgard. He was back, and the Chitauri couldn’t follow him here. Not without going through Asgard or without the tesseract. Loki was weak. Years of torture would do that to you. He needed to find a place to hide and rest, then, when he was strong again, then he would seek his revenge upon the ones who abandoned him in that dismal prison. After that, he and Sigyn would finally be together without restrictions or boundaries.

I will come for you, Odinson.

The thought brought a second smile to his face, before it was replaced by a grimace. His magic would return enough for him to heal himself shortly, but for now, a concealer would be necessary to keep Hemidal from viewing him. His short reserve of magic lasted just long enough to cover him, then mask his injuries from anyone passing by before it ran out.

A place to recover was now his first priority. The measly group of mortals that had imprisoned him would be sure to notice if he caused any trouble before he was strong. If they were even still around. The soldier likely was though. That one never seemed to age. Loki staggered a few steps before regaining a semi-normal walk towards an alley across the street. There was nothing there but a small door, likely leading to a basement of some sort, and a few small trash cans. Loki crossed to the other side of the door and sat. When he was rested he could find somewhere better to reside.

  • Yeah, that’s from the Avengers. He attacked and nearly destroyed all of New York City with an army of aliens called the Chitauri. =D

  • *laughs evilly* I HAVE RETURNED. And I will come for you, Odinson. I will come.

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