Loki FanFic Chapter #2

And here is the 2nd chapter, including a run-in with all the Avengers:


Chapter Two 

Food. That was the first thought to hit Kira’s mind when she awakened. The remains of the apple that she had started was brown and uneatable by that time.

“I shouldn’t waste food like that.” Kira said aloud. No one responded. Kira bit her lip to keep from crying again. She moved over to the mirror and stared at her reflection. Her neatly done braid had mostly come out while she slept. Kira pulled the band out and redid it. Next, she took the sharpie and fixed her nails up. Then she slipped the small amount of money she had into a pocket and went looking for something else to eat besides old bread. The first thing she looked for, however, when she stepped out of the building was the Avengers. Wouldn’t do her any good to get caught by Thor’s friends. When no sign appeared that they were nearby, Kira hurried towards the town center, where most of the friendliest street vendors were. If she couldn’t find something there, she would try a grocery store. The street vendors were usually better and less expensive, however. Kira pulled her hood up and headed for her favorite vendor. They normally sold several different types of fruit and vegetables, most of which she liked. This time, however, there was nothing but bananas with brown spots and really gooey kiwis.

Kira sighed, then passed the vendor on to look for something else. Most of the vendors were empty, closing up, or had really bad food. The ones that were good were extremely far out of her price range. Kira debated just going home and having stale bread, but her hunger won out and she headed to the grocery store.

Most grocery stores didn’t like street kids coming in for food and things, since most of them stole items when they could, but one had decided that Kira could. Probably because she made it a point to never actually steal anything…from stores. Pickpocketing was fine. No one ever noticed that.

Kira entered the store and headed for the fruit section. With the meager amount of money that she had, there was little that she could get. However, Kira was determined to get as much as she could. When she finally made it to the checkout line, Kira had a small bag of pears and two cans of tomato soup. That, including tax, would take almost every last penny she had. Kira began paying, then heard a voice behind her,

“How are you today?”

Kira froze. It wasn’t directed at her, but she knew the voice. Bruce Banner. Just great. He was in the line behind her, checking out whatever it was he currently needed. Kira avoided speaking to the cashier, in case Captain America had already filled them all in on her. As soon as she finished, she hurried from the building, hoping he hadn’t seen her.
Unfortunately, unknown to her, Banner knew exactly who she was. He, Stark, Steve, Natasha, and Clint had located her and waited for her to come out so they could find out who she was. Banner had been sent in to draw her out while the others waited outside.

Kira headed straight for her home while consistently scanning the sky for any sign of Iron Man.

Thud. Steve landed in front of her. In uniform, as always. Thud. Kira glanced behind her. Widow. A glance up told her the rest. Stark flew just above, and Clint was standing on the top of a building. She was surrounded, that was for sure.

She dropped the bag and slid it to the side with her foot. Surely a fight was worthless, but if they were determined to have her, she was determined not to go down easily.

Steve spoke first, “We aren’t here to hurt you.”

“If you knew who I was, you wouldn’t be so fast to say that.” Kira returned.

Stark landed next to Steve. “That’s what we want to find out. What is your name?”

Kira didn’t see a way out, so she said, “Kira.”

“Good choice. Who are your parents, Kira?” Stark continued, his helmet popping off from his suit so she could see his face.

Kira crossed her arms. No way are you getting that out of me. Last thing I need is Mother and Thor on my case.

Natasha came up from behind Kira and placed a hand on her shoulder. “We can’t help you if you don’t let us help you. Talents like yours need to be trained.”

Kira shook Natasha’s hand off. “First of all, don’t touch me. Second of all, I don’t need or want your help. I’ve survived just fine for nine years without anyone’s help. Third of all, I already have trained with my talents.”

Clint had gotten down from the roof now and asked, “How old does that make you?”

Kira glared at him, “15.”

“Where were you born?” Stark cut in.

Kira refused to answer that one as well. That would give away far too much. 

At that moment, a faint whirling was heard above them. Everyone looked up. Kira’s eyes widened. Thor. His eyes met hers and shock filled them for a moment as he took in her appearance. Kira couldn’t risk it. Ice flew from her, knocking everyone out of her way long enough for her to leap and run. Thor recovered the fastest and was the one to run after her.

Kira threw ice behind her, hoping to slow him down. She dodged into an alley on the right, then stopped. Dead end, great. She whirled around just as Thor entered the alley. Kira’s hands twitched. She looked down, and to her shock, her skins had blued slightly. Her vision had a blue tinge to it.

“Kira.” Thor said, “What are you doing here?”

Kira glared at him, but couldn’t help the tremble in her voice as she responded. “I’ve been here for nine years, Odinson. I’m waiting for my father to come back.”

Thor stepped back, surprised. “Sigyn told you?”

“No, she didn’t.” Bitterness crept into her voice. “I found out on my own.” The blue tinge in her eyes was growing with her anger and frustration.

“How? How do you know?” Thor dropped his hammer and strode towards her. He gripped her shoulder, “You weren’t supposed to know till we could make you understand.”

Kira tried to jerk away from him, but was unable to, “Understand what? That your best friends tried to kill my father and exiled him to torture far away?”

Thor released her and confusion covered his face, “What? He escaped fifteen years ago and hasn’t returned.”

Kira heard footsteps approaching from around the corner. “No, he didn’t. He was captured years ago by the Chitauri and has been tortured ever since.” She blurted out.

Thor couldn’t find something to say, he was in such shock. Stark appeared from around the corner and flew towards them. Kira blasted ice at him to slow him, then used fire to boost her over the building. She landed on the other side and headed towards her house, certain that Thor could slow the other Avengers down. Kira ran inside the basement, then iced over the door so that no one could enter without knocking the door down.

I’ve been found out. The thought struck cold in her heart. Kira leaned up against the wall and sighed. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the mirror. Something was strange. She glanced fully at it and gasped. Her hands were blue and her eyes had turned red as well. She looked like the freak that she was. Shock numbed her body.

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