Loki Fanfic Chapter One

Alright, everyone, I just finished writing chapter one of my Loki Fanfic. This one is from Kira’s point of view, just as I think the rest of the book will be. This one involves Captain America, who I believe is fairly well written, but may still be slightly out of character. Enjoy!

Chapter One

“Oh perfect.” Kira murmured.


Police sirens screamed in the distance. Kira leapt over the ice statue she had accidentally made and took off running as fast as she could. Unfortunately, she was still mad, and when she glanced behind her, she noticed ice footprints marking her every turn. Kira growled at herself and flicked at hand at them, making them lead into an alley to the left. Breathing a bit hard now, she ducked into the following alley on the right and pulled her cowl up over her head. She sighed. “And there I go again, doing my best to attract attention from the stupid Avengers.” She thought angrily.

Of course, they didn’t know who she was. Or probably even if she was alive. Uncle..no, not uncle…Thor probably knew about her. Since she never arrived from Asgard when she was supposed to, he probably figured her mother had changed her mind, and not abandoned her on Midgard. Just like the ignorant fool he always was. Footsteps rushed past her hiding place. Kira held her breath, then when they faded, she turned and ran back the way she had come from. She glanced over her shoulder to make sure they hadn’t followed her, and bumped into someone from behind. She tumbled backwards and her hood fell off. Kira glanced up and immediately cursed herself for a fool. There he was, Captain America himself. Captain America turned and caught sight of her.

“Well, hello.” He said, reaching down to help her up. Kira ignored his hand and got up on her own, shooting daggers at him with her eyes the whole time.

“What is your name?” He questioned.

Kira looked behind him. A few police officers, but none of the other Avengers. Kira sighed in relief, then refocused on Captain America.


Kira still made no reply.

“Are you mute then? Unable to speak perhaps?” He continued.

Kira glared. “There is a difference between being able to speak, and wanting to speak.”

“So you don’t want to tell me your name?”

Kira raised an eyebrow. He was a bit slow, or at least acting like it at the moment.

“You have some obvious dislike for me. Can you tell me why at the very least?”

“Obvious? Oops. I was trying so hard to hide it.” Kira replied sarcastically.

Just then, a woman on the sidewalk screamed, “Thats her! That’s the ice freak!” and pointed at Kira. Kira nearly groaned aloud, but brought up a wall of ice between her and Captain America. He dodged around it as she took off running away from him. Kira shot a ice platform in front of her and leapt on to it, then had it rise, carrying her higher above him. Captain America flung his shield at the bottom of the platform, cracking it, and sending her flying downward. Kira shot two streams of fire from her hands to slow her landing then rolled and jumped to her feet. Captain America caught his shield and stopped in front of her.

“Calm down. I’m not going to hurt you.” He said.

“Oh, yeah? Tell that to my dad.” Kira narrowed her eyes and mentally remembered the area around her in an effort to think of a way to escape.

Captain America studied her for a moment, “Who is your father then?”

Kira smirked, “Why should I tell you?” She tensed as she faintly heard a voice coming from the communicator in Captain America’s ear.

“On our way to your position, Cap.”

Kira hissed. Stark. She was running out of time. Captain America began to respond to her last challenge when she spun and flung an ice dagger towards his chest. From there, she ran into a alley to the left, then ducked out of it to the right, and into her hideaway in the basement of a building no one used.

She had found it a few years ago. The door from the outside to the basement wasn’t locked, so she came and went at her pleasure. The door from the house to basement, however, was locked, so she never went inside the actual house. But it was nice in the basement. She had cleaned it up and stored what few possessions she had in there. In the far right corner from the door, she had a few blankets she had scavenged, it was the best bed she could do. In the far left corner, she had a few bottles of water, a apple, and half a loaf of bread. She had begged some money from strangers and stolen some from others. Just enough to keep her from going hungry each day. The middle of the room was clear. That was where she practiced her fighting skills and her powers. The longer she held them out, the stronger she would become. Now all she had to do was wait for her father to return from the prison cell she always saw him in. She didn’t know his location, other than that. In the closest left corner, she had a single long blanket, spread out with one corner pulled back. Waiting. Waiting for an eventual, hopeful homecoming.

The last corner had a small pile of coins, one change of clothes, a brush, a Sharpie and a cracked mirror. Kira sighed, then headed over to the mirror and surveyed herself as Captain America would have seen her.

She had long black hair; she’d never trimmed it, so it was down to her knees. Currently, though, she had it up in a braid. Her black T-shirt had a single tear in the left sleeve and was very worn. Dark worn jeans covered her legs, but were a bit short, going only to slightly above her ankles. The only pair of shoes she had were brown tennis shoes and they were a bit big. The front of them was highly scuffed up, probably why the original owner had thrown them out. They suited her fine, however. The Sharpie was for her nails. She liked to keep them black, and a Sharpie was cheaper than actual nail polish. Kira moved her gaze back to her face and studied her eyes. They were a very dark brown, almost blending in with the pupil. Overall, she looked very dark. Just like her uncle would hate, and her father would love…she hoped. Kira sighed once more and moved towards her food supply.

She would have to go get more later. There wasn’t much left. The apple had a bruise on one side, but Kira ignored it and bit from the other side. Maybe Dad had moved by this point. Kira set down the apple and concentrated. Searched her mind for the part that wasn’t hers. The only part that didn’t belong to her. Her eyes opened, but she wasn’t in the basement anymore. Before her sat her Dad. Kira smiled at him, without reply. His clothes were torn, his head hung down, both arms were stretched out with chains around them as if tied to a wall, but Kira could see none. This was how it always was. She could see him, but nothing else. Pure white surrounded them. Kira closed her eyes once more and entered his mind, searching for new thoughts. None arose. He was asleep, for now. Then thoughts entered. Kira scanned the scene.

Asgard. Her mother approached, arms out. Then she stopped several feet away. Her mouth opened and she cried out, “You left me! You abandoned me and went to do your own thing!” Her father tried to answer. “Sigyn…”

“No! No more lies, Loki. No more deception.” Sigyn shouted back, then stalked up to him and slapped him. Loki had no response to give. Despair ripped through him, and thus also through Kira. Then the dream stopped. Loki awoke, silent as aways, but Kira could still feel the pain the dream cost him.

Just…just a dream, flitted through his mind. Kira released him and came back to the basement. It was always the same. Kira sighed. She would just have to trust him. To wait here and simply trust him to come back. She crawled over to her bed and curled up in, unwilling to cry, but unable to stop them from slowly slipping down her cheeks. He will be back. He just has to come back.

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