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Loki FanFic Chapter #2

And here is the 2nd chapter, including a run-in with all the Avengers:   Chapter Two  Food. That was the first thought to hit Kira’s mind when she awakened. The remains of the apple that she had started was brown and uneatable by that time. “I shouldn’t waste food like that.” Kira said aloud. No […]

Loki Fanfic Chapter One

Alright, everyone, I just finished writing chapter one of my Loki Fanfic. This one is from Kira’s point of view, just as I think the rest of the book will be. This one involves Captain America, who I believe is fairly well written, but may still be slightly out of character. Enjoy! Chapter One “Oh […]

Math, blech

Personally, I hate math. Its annoying and very hard to understand, imo. Some people are great at math, and they enjoy it. I suck at it and I hate it. =D Big difference there. This is my opinion of math, made into three simple word games: Word game #1: MATH = Mental Abuse To Humans […]

Grumpy Cat!

I have recently had a love for a cat gone online called Grumpy Cat. The reasoning is, of course, he looks grumpy. Here is one of my favorite pictures of him: Enjoy!

Loki FanFic Prologue

So I’m writing this Loki fanfic, and I figured I’d post the first part of it here for you guys to read. Note: Some characters may seem a little…well, out of character. This would be because I am not the original writer for them and will likely get several parts wrong. For a bit of […]


Welcome to my blog! This website will include my writing, funny pictures, family updates, and views. I hope you will enjoy reading, and commenting. This is a rather boring post, but I had to welcome you to my blog!